Monday, May 15, 2006

Survey on Career Choices

Purpose of the survey
The survey that I created is about student's career choices. I did this report because i wanted to know the students' program and their future projects. Also, the prupose of my survey was to learn their interest about their future jobs.

My survey is composed of ten questions and I have only one question that is not a multiple choice and it is thye one that requires the name of their program. Most of my questions are about carrer choices. There were 18 people who answered my survey and most of them are studying in a technical program at the college. Moreover, I was surprised that someone from France answered my questionnaire because I nerver though that a person from France would answer it. Also, I had four correspondents from Europe.

First of all, 50% of the people that answered my survey are from Longueil. According to the results, most of the people, who continued school after high school went into CEGEP studies. In my survey response, this correspond to 41% of the students and 29% of them continued in a pre-university program. One thing that is interesting is that only 50% of the people who are studying in a specific field are also working in the same field and the other half has jobs do not relate to their carrer choices. I think that people who are working in their field of study are more prepared for their future jobs than the others because they will have acquired more expérience and preparation in their domain. As a matter of fact, people agree my personal opinion when we look at the results in question number eight.

Everybody semms to know wheere they want to work in the future and the majority of the public made their choices because there are good possibilities of placement and it matches their abilities. More than half of the people are certain of what they want to do and they do not want to change because they know that their career choices is the right one for them. When I asked who had the biggest influence on them when they chose their program, the answerd were evently spread. The people who were influenced by the same category were peple who worked in the field at 44%. The nearest one efter that was 33% which were influenced by their parents and family and than teachers and friends were equal at 11% each. I found surprising that nobody was influenced by their girlfriend or boyfriend. Finally, the quality that people think leads to success is perseverance.

In this project, I reached some of my goals because I learned students' career choices and their objectives in their future jobs. I was surprised to see that about 50% of the people who did answer my survey knew what they expected to do in their nera future and they do not have any other choices in mind. They know what they want and at our age, it is hard so choose the right path and to be sure that it is the correct one too. What I would have changed is that I would have liked to know where the people lived specifically because i like European culture and contries.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Career Choices

Please click here to answer my survey about Career Choices

Monday, February 27, 2006

Montreal Canadiens
Hi, I’m going to talk about a nice place that I like to visit. First, The Bell Centre, which was inaugurated in 1996 as the Molson Centre, is the most important sports, cultural and business. On February 26, 2002, Bell Canada acquired the naming rights to the Molson Centre, and as of September 1, 2002, it became known as the Bell Centre. I really like to see the building because it’s an amazing place with a big area. Also, I can see a lot of pictures on the walls and the things that I prefer to see are the old dressing room of players. Of course, it’s not the real one, but the place is beautiful. Moreover, The Bell Centre has fours restaurants and a souvenir boutique for Canadians. Finally, everybody must to see The Bell Centre one time in his life because the setup is incredible.